Community Heating Schemes

Community Heating Schemes

Community Heating Schemes

How heat is provided to community schemes has to dramatically change. Fuel security, rising fossil fuel prices, increasingly tough legislation and the need to combat climate change, are all driving the demand for greater efficiency and the inclusion of renewable energy. The Ecodan range of renewable heat pumps is perfectly suited for community heating schemes.

High Rise Community Heating Application

High Rise Community Heating ApplicationHigh rise buildings lend themselves well to centralised community heating systems; roof space and ground level areas to offer the opportunity to locate the heat pumps without disturbing or giving up internal space. These systems are low maintenance and because they are a mechanical installation, fit into the normal regime and skills of local facilities management. Ecodan systems are modular, simple to design and their flexibility means if capital investment is limited, they could offer the whole or just part of the solution.

Perfect opportunities for these systems are social housing, care homes and student accommodation.

Low Rise Community Heating Application

Low Rise Community Heating ApplicationLow rise buildings allow for a wider range of solutions with both centralised and stand alone heat pump systems available to suit the style of building and space. Ecodan can either be used centrally or offer a full packaged cylinder and heat pump solution to each flat with Mitsubishi Electric's simple to use but advanced controls.

Tenant Benefits

The drivers for replacing the heating systems in these types of buildings may be to reduce carbon and increase renewable credentials, but tenant satisfaction is always paramount. Removing heating systems like direct electric and storage heaters will significantly improve comfort levels and offer a level of control many will have craved.

Many social housing tenants are in pre-paid meters which are on average 20% more expensive, but by moving to centralised plant means that the electricity consumed for heating will no longer be within the flat. This will prvide instant savings through the bulk purchase of electricity across multiple flats, on top of the vastly increased savings due to the efficiency of an Ecodan heat pump.

Ecodan systems are now widely used and accepted technology, giving both the users and local authorities the opportunity to reduce running costs and decrease their carbon emissions.

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