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Independent year-long trials prove real world performance of renewable ecodan

Independent year-long trials prove real world performance of renewable ecodan

The results of real world trials into the performance of Ecodan air source heat pumps clearly demonstrates just how viable the system is for UK homes and reinforces Ecodan as the market-leader.

Data from the year-long trials was independently audited by the Energy Saving Trust from 23 sites around the UK where Ecodan has been fitted.  
  • The report shows that Ecodan achieved an average seasonal performance of 2.9 when measured against the Government’s preferred boundary condition for calculating heat pump performance – known as the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPFH4).   
  • The results also demonstrate that the average performance of Ecodan units was greater than the average from Phase Two of the Energy Savings Trust’s own year-long study into heat pumps (listed as 2.43 for air source heat pumps).    
  • 15 of the Ecodan sites also achieved an SPFH4 average of 2.98 across the winter of 2011-2012 – one of the coldest on record for decades, and seven of the sites achieved an average of 3.04.   
  • As calculated by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), Ecodan demonstrated average estimated annual operating cost savings of 8% over a gas condensing boiler, 36% over an oil condensing boiler and 67% over a direct electric heating system.     
  • Estimated carbon emission savings of 21% (gas), 41% (oil) and 67% (direct electric), were also demonstrated and the EST report also shows that after future grid decarbonisation, these carbon savings could rise to 85% over gas and 88% over oil.


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