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In Operation

In Operation

Ecodan - Advanced Heating TechnologyEcodan air source heat pumps are ideal for use in a variety of house sizes or styles and its carefully developed control system is designed to work perfectly to provide hot water to either traditional radiators or underfloor heating systems.

Traditionally heat pumps have been seen as only suitable for underfloor heating, however with the advanced control system of Ecodan and its ability to provide optimum variable flow temperature control, radiators can now be easily provided with the hot water they need and prove to be a very efficient option.

In OperationCapacity control in radiator systems, with a fixed flow temperature is controlled by Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV). These operate by turning the radiators on and off to maintain the desired comfort level. For example,  at 2°C, with 45°C flow temperature, the radiators will be on 50% of the time and off for the other 50% of the time. The Ecodan will vary the flow temperature automatically, based on the ambient temperature to keep the house warm. Operating at these lower flow temperatures can significantly improve overal system efficiency.

Reduced energy consumption

Energy savings of over 30% can be achieved by using a heat pump with a variable flow temperature as opposed to a fixed flow temperature. When installing a heat pump with a fixed flow temperature of 45ºC, annual running costs for a three bedroom house are comparable to a traditional gas boiler. If variable flow temperature with radiators are used, the running cost savings are over 20% and even greater for under floor heating systems.

Annual CO2 emission reductions for a 3 bedroom house

Improved level of comfort

In using lower flow temperatures a more consistent heat output is achieved, Ecodan therefore gives a greater level of comfort, lower CO2 emissions and more efficient operation which reduces its running costs when heating the home. This is an alternative to high temperature radiators that give on-off bursts of heat in a bid to maintain the desired room temperature. Homes with suitably sized radiators can now enjoy a constant, controlled living environment, whilst benefiting from reduced system running costs and lessening the impact on our environment.

For commercial applications

To meet the energy challenges head-on we’ve developed a range of renewable heating systems specifically for use in commercial properties. Using heat pump technology to deliver effective, low carbon heating we provide a simple, cost effective solution that works.

Recent technological advances have enabled us to use proven heat pump technology to design a ground-breaking, renewable heating system to rival that of traditional heating and biomass systems. Available in a range of sizes and options, our heating systems ensure efficient, reliable heating, whatever the application.

  • Achieve renewable targets easily using our UK Government and EU classified renewable heating
  • Cut running costs and CO2 emissions with high efficiency heating systems
  • Easy design and installation ensures an immediate solution for minimal cost and disruption
  • Satisfy any heat demand with a heating system powered by a dependable fuel source - electricity
  • Fully scalable and able to work in conjunction with other systems or independently
  • Cost effective heating systems for new build and refurbishment
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