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For ConsultantsBuilding the UK's greener future requires radical change to how we produce and consume energy. The UK's national fossil-fuel supplies are dwindling, along with our energy independence. Other key drivers, from climate change and fuel poverty to Government legislation and increasing consumer pressure, are at work too. Our domestic and commercial building stocks - characterised by a disproportionate number of old structures and a slow rebuild rate - remain massive consumers of energy. To reach the ambitious emission reduction targets the UK has set itself, our occupied spaces have to be made more energy-efficient, less carbon intensive and incorporate renewable energy where possible.

Domestic buildings account for 26% of all UK emissions compared to 18% for non domestic. The vast majority of these emissions are a result of generating space heating and hot water and we believe heat pumps are part of the solution.

For ConultantsLegislation is now in place to encourage and enforce the use of renewable solutions, such as air source heat pumps to help reduce the long term energy and carbon impact that buildings have on the environment. With all this legislation in place the role of consultants is becoming more and more difficult. The chosen solution for any building or home needs to be cost effective, simple and be able to tick the right boxes. Ecodan can provide a solution and Mitsubishi Electric will provide support along every step of the way from specification to commissioning and hand over.

Mitsubishi Electric run free CPD presentations about renewable heating, these can be arranged in our offices or in your own offices.

If you would like more information or would like to book a CPD presentation please either email us or download our CPD Guides:

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